Nightly Clock


About App

Built for BlackBerry Certified Nightly Clock is a Night Time Clock Application with Alarm, 5 Built in Alarm Sounds with ability to choose your own and stream a supported Audio File from the Internet, 9 Clock Colours to choose from, Four Font sizes and Bold Font Toggle, Music Player Controls, Camera Light Notification (Speed of the Camera Flash can be changed), you can show your own message when your Alarm goes off and the Device's LED will follow your chosen Clock Colour; you can even choose your own Wallpaper for the App. Last but by certainly no means least it comes with an Interval Alarm feature, with this you can set your alarm to sound for a certain amount of time then automatically silence itself, it will then wait a set amount of time and will sound fully (If set to sound once). Nightly clock is a truly customisable Night Time Clock, give it a try, you won't regret it.



Fullscreen Design

Fullscreen design with both Landscape and Portrait


Customise Nightly Clock

Includes a range of quirky colours, can also load a custom font for the Clock


Built in Alarm Tones

Built in Alarm Tones with the ability to use media from the web


Large Range Of User Settings

Large range of user settings allows you to control almost every aspect of Nightly Clock


Fast User Interface

Built with native BlackBerry 10 Components the UI is fast and smart


Interval Alarm

Interval Alarm is exclusive to Nightly clock and allows you to customise how your Alarm works, how long the alarm will sound, for how many times and more



Supported Devices: All devices running BlackBerry 10.3.1 OS +

This software is provided as is and we accept no liability for any issues caused by manual installation