Quick Mail


About App

Quick Mail is a forever free Application which let's you check and send emails from a range of email providers using their web Interface, it comes with Dark and Light Themes, ability to Toggle things like showing Images, pinch to zoom, upload and download attachments. It also comes with the ability to password protect the Application to stop anyone accessing Quick Mail without your permission. But Quick Mail doesn't have my Email provider you may say, no problem; you have 3 customisable slots to add your own (long press on the empty slot to add)



Fullscreen Support

Built in Fullscreen mode to rid of those pesky Toolbars


Custom Slots

Custom Slots allowing users to add their own Mail providers


Large range of user settings

Designed to give maximum control to the user with a large range of settings


Built in Security Lock

Prevent unauthorised access with password protection



Supported Devices: All devices running Symbian Anna, Belle and higher