Star Player For BlackBerry 10


About App

Star Player is a powerful Native Media Player for BlackBerry 10, with Star Player there is no need to leave your screen on while playing a music video thanks to background playing. Star Player includes these great features: Built in Internet Radio with recording ability, Playlist Support with Folder Play, Search for Song Lyrics and save them for off-line reading, Add Music, Videos, Internet Radio, Internet Streams and Playlists to your Homescreen for one touch access, Pin your Favourite Tracks to the Home of Star Player, Car (Driving) Mode with Large Media Controls and Auto Play when Bluetooth is connected (for Full Touch and Passport Devices), Set up a Network Proxy to avoid any pesky blocklists (own server details required), Night Mode to reduce stress on your eyes (includes Dark layer over videos) And much more!



Zooming And Fill To Screen

Pinch to zoom and fill 100% of the screen


Customise Star Player

Includes a range of quirky colours that light up your display, also includes Visualisation graphics for playback


Background Playback

Listen to Music Videos in the background!


Car Mode

Star Player has a built in Car Mode, this is a separate area with large controls for Music, Video and even Internet Radio (only for full touch and Passport devices)


Fast User Interface

Built with native BlackBerry 10 Components the UI is fast and smart


Video Downloads

Download Videos at the touch of a button



Supported Devices: All devices running BlackBerry 10.3.1 OS +

This software is provided as is and we accept no liability for any issues caused by manual installation

Unfortunately online lyrics search is no longer functional due to an security change on the lyrics providers side